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Evaporative Air Cooler

Mobile Air Cooler JH18AP


•18000cmh big airflow
•Commercial and industrial mobile air cooler
•Easy operation, only need water and electricity supply
•Comfort: 3 ~ 8 deg C temperature decrease
•Dust filtering and air freshening
•High efficiency, one unit can cover 150 m2 area
•UV-resistant plastic cabinet
•Auto swing diffuser to cover 120º area

Portable Air Cooler JH1517


•Direct drive axial fan
•7500cmh airflow, suitable for 50~70sqm
•Plastic cabinet
•Auto swing air diffuser
•remote control
•3 speed

Portable Air Cooler JH168

06042015115055-0001          06042015115055-0002

•8000cmh big airflow
•Powerful Axial fan
•3 sides cooling pads
•57L big water tank
•Nice designed plastic body
•Temperature LED display
•Healthy negative ionizer

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